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Inside Vande Mataram Memorial’s very own ‘Sansad Bhavan’ (a replica of India’s Parliament Building), visitors undertake their journey through India’s history right from 1608 (Arrival of the British in India) to 1947 (India’s Independence). The 14 episodes are built using compelling stories that will leave visitors awed and often in tears. These stories are enhanced by life-sized statues and 4-D technology. Each episode recounts a different tale from India’s proud journey to Independence and is the perfect way for adults and children, Indian and non-Indian, to relive the struggle and achievements first-hand.


The grounds at Vande Mataram Memorial spread over 12 acres and house some beautiful lawns, a bridge which crosses over a pond where ducks roam free, a temple, a bird house, larger-than-life statues of Gandhiji, Hiralaxmi Craft Park and two main structures: Sansad Bhavan and Yellow Fort. Spend your day on our grounds exploring, shopping, eating and learning to your heart’s content.

Façade Show

The grand Facade Show can be viewed from the beautiful Vande Mataram grounds daily at sunset. A 12-minute show which takes viewers through the journey of each Indian state, this show is as enlightening as it is entertaining. Melodious music, stunning lights and high-end technology come to build a show you will never forget. End your day at Vande Mataram Memorial with a tear in your eye and a heart full of pride for India.

Other Attractions near Vande Mataram Memorial

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